About - John A. Pennisi Jr.

A celebrated craftsman whose studio yields exquisite pieces of sophisticated, custom-made furniture -

John A. Pennisi Jr. is passionate about working with home and office owners to develop unique décor that’s creatively vibrant while also pragmatic—modern, urban furniture that’s aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing comfort and utility. He enjoys working closely with his clients to create original furniture pieces.

John began his custom fine furniture career in 2004 at Shelburne Craft School in northern Vermont. This trade became an immediate passion. To follow came a variety of woodworking-related employment, from custom millwork, to becoming a full-time employee at a production workshop building, transporting and installing high-end custom staircases. John completed the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s nine-month comprehensive course in 2010, and now takes orders for custom handmade furniture at Pennisi Fine Furniture in his full-size woodworking shop just outside of Syracuse, New York in Marcellus.

“I love the entire process of creating furniture,” he explains. “I cherish every opportunity with every piece to showcase my unique, stylish, high-quality workmanship. In addition to creating heirloom-quality, beautiful and functional furniture for my clients, a major goal of mine is clear communication throughout the creation process. As I see it, the most beautiful and functional furniture is crafted throughout a series of thoughtful aesthetic, practical considerations and adjustments—where design meets reality. What begins as a detailed plan becomes something much more.”